The Importance of Personalization

This article focuses on the 1:1 donor journey and the importance of personalization.

The Importance of Personalization

An easy way of reaching out to prospective donors online is by personalization; from email marketing to recommendations from donors.Personalization also plays an important role in how donors respond to nonprofits.

Nonprofits need to streamline their information to align with the consumers’ interest by using innovative means. One of the many ways one can personalize their information to suit their donor is by using targeted messages that are engaging. One message may communicate well with one group while another message is needed to communicate for alternate groups. With easy access to social media, it is easy to segment and identify specific people that you are targeting and tailor a well-crafted message to those different targets.

Personalization plays a huge role in goal development, donor sneed to know that their contributions are put into good use. Therefore, nonprofits should create an opportunity where donors can come up with their own plan of how they want their contribution to be spent.

In order to create a personalized donor journey, we will breakdown the donor journey into terms that will help you achieve this.


The quickest way to attract a donor is by making people know about your nonprofit.These days you need to make marketing efforts like cold-calling, paid advertisements and surveys. Getting your nonprofit to the ideal people requires that you actively promote your organization by creating contents that will be interesting to potential donors. Nonprofits should actively use social media channels to update their missions and promote their organization.


After reaching your targeted consumers, the next step is to communicate with them using words which will inform and convince your potential donors that you are the right nonprofit. This is where you have to convince your donors about your value and purpose, they need to know everything about your organization.

There are several ways to get your potential donors emotionally connected and interested in your purpose. As a nonprofit organization, it is important that you provide your donors with an annual report of your work for the past year. Another way to keep your donors engaged in your work is by using success stories to show them how your nonprofit is impacting lives. Make use of infographics, videos, and testimonials from donors. All these will give a potential donor a reason to give to your organization.


Once your donors are convinced that you are the right choice, make it easy for them to give by making the donate buttons accessible. Placing your call to action button at the right corner of every page on your site makes it easier for donors to find it. After getting them to give, make the process of giving as smooth as possible.


Brand awareness is important for every business, therefore you should promote your nonprofits on every available marketing platform. Social media and email marketing are the most common and easy ways to promote your organizations and there is a 75% chance that your potential donors will be from this platforms. Engage your donors with regular updates and remind them to spread the word.


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