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Increase monthly donors
Increase in donors
Feature adoption

Simple and Secure Donation Forms

Tell your story through beautiful campaigns

Raise more with branded online fundraising pages that attract new donors, increase gift amounts, and drive repeat giving.

Collect online donations with ease

Donation forms are automatically optimized for mobile devices with no extra work needed from you. The layout is what your donor expects from a trusted, user-friendly, and modern donation process.

In a few clicks, make recurring donations weekly, annually or anything in between

Our default recurring donation is monthly, but you have the ability to change the frequency. In a few clicks, make recurring donations weekly, annually, for your year-end event or anything in between.

Automated donation receipts

Donation receipts can also be set up to be sent immediately after a donation is entered online and manually. Now your cheques and cash donations can be receipted without the extra step of writing an email.

Use your data to make better decisions

Reveal trends in donor behaviour and monitor your fundraising performance. Your dashboard is designed to save you from digging into all your donation data to optimize your fundraising strategies.

Donor CRM

Enhanced 360-degree view of your constituents

Get a well-rounded picture of your donors, volunteers, members and prospects. Stratly's contact manager provides one place to create and edit their profiles, occupation, demographics and interactions.

Robust support profiles

Access your donors' giving history, receipts, campaigns, payment types and resend their tax receipts with ease. Need to make a change to their account? That's easy too!

Donation Management

View all donations at your fingertips

Manage every donation in the grid view, no matter the payment type. Customize your screen to show you the fields you want to see. Drill down to view the campaigns, appeals, amounts and easily search and manage your donations, regardless of their source.

Recurring donations

Our donation platform allows your staff to manage recurring donations. Edit the amount, change the status, the donation cycle and payment dates.

Take in-person donations and track offline gifts in one place

We know that donations come in all forms and sizes. Track offline gifts alongside your digital gifts to keep data organized and statistics accurate. Log cash, cheques, bank transfers, in-kind items and services, bitcoin, securities and more.

Event Management

Start selling tickets

Create an account and gain access to our user-friendly control panel where you can manage your events, ticket types, orders, and everything else. We guide you through the simple setup process and are always here to help if you get stuck.

Manage attendees at your events

Once your customers' payment has been processed, the system will automatically send out their tickets along with essential event information and order details. Each ticket includes a unique barcode that can be scanned on entry. Your attendees can print their tickets, or present them on their phone.

Email Marketing

Design beautiful campaigns that inspire action

No design or coding skills required! Just drag images and text blocks into your email and move them around with the click of a mouse. Get the look you want with cool image tools to crop, resize and flip. Make your message stand out with background colours and patterns, a custom call to action button and more.

No design skills required

Drag & Drop Designer
No design experience? No problem! Let the drag and drop designer do all the heavy lifting.

Template Gallery
Select and customize templates for emails that are easy to create and uniquely yours.

Mobile-Friendly Emails
Use our drag and drop designer to create emails that look beautiful on any device.

Insights to help you optimize

Openers & Clickers World Map
See where your message gets the best engagement with geographic insights.

Clickers Engagement Map
Discover what interests your readers and which links, buttons and images drive the most action.

Email Platforms & Devices
See your recipients' most used email platforms, and add devices to optimize your campaigns.

Funding Portal

Raise more, find new funders, and never miss a deadline

Research thousands of foundations, corporate giving programs, and government grantors. Search over 770,000 grant records, totalling $28.1 billion dollars in giving.

Track and share funders details with your team

Organize your prospective funders with a set of easy-to-use relationship management tools. Track and manage each prospect from when you first identify them all the way to your successful stewardship of a grant.

Peer-to-Peer Fundraising

Perfect for individual, team, or corporate fundraisers

Whether you’re launching a national walk, ride or third-party event, our P2P Fundraising module inspires individuals and teams to join your cause and empowers them to fundraise behind a bold, beautifully branded campaign.

Design, Flexibility, Scale

Turn your participants into fundraising champions. Better tools make better fundraisers. Effective and easy to use, and follow-up tools let you engage your network and track success, in real time.

Eliminate the barriers to growing your movement.

Grow your nonprofit’s revenue and mobilize supporters from anywhere. Our platform has easy-to-use tools that make you feel like a pro with no coding or IT experience necessary.

Giving Experience

  • Donation Page
  • Donor Receipt
  • Fundraising Page
  • Ticketed events

Text to Give

Make Donating Easier With Text-To-Give

People don't carry cash or write checks like they used to. Text-to-give lets people donate to your organization by simply sending a text message. Now you can raise more money with just a few taps.

Try it Yourself!

Just text "give" to 1 (833) 211-3415 and follow the prompts to make a test donation.

Test Donation Steps:

Step 1.. Text “Give” to 1-833-211-3415 (Mission Educate)
Step 2. Text Amount
Step 3. Confirm if Amount is correct
Step 4. Select yes or no if you would like this to be recurring
Step 5. Fill the form with the information below

Card Number

4111 1111 1111 1111

Expiration Date


CVC Code


First name: John

Last name: Smith

Email address: Enter your email address

Address: 260 Queen Street

Postal Code: M5V 1Z8

Province: Ontario

Country: Canada

Pledge Management

Create pledge records

Build better annual budgets, prevent year-end budget shortfalls, and create a stable monthly income with Stratly's pledge management tools. Easily create a pledge record, view, edit pledge details, and track payments.

Pledge tracking made simple

See the outstanding or received pledges with the easy-to-use pledge management grid. You can conduct data analysis in real-time, monitor the status of specific pledge data, both historical & current.

Pledge Details and Reporting

The Pledge Detail and Summary Report allows you to view and download constituents' pledges. The parameters allow you to choose which constituents or gifts to include by filtering on constituency code, campaign, fund, appeal, and status.

Membership Management

Simplify Membership management

Automate routine tasks and streamline membership management. Automate applications, payments and renewals, and member communication. With Stratly, managing membership is a breeze!.

Add membership functions to your website

Members can update their contact information, sign-up or renew their membership right from your website. When someone signs up, an email confirmation and receipt is automatically sent to their inbox, their payments (including a donation, if they decide to make one) go straight to your bank account, and all the information entered online goes directly into your database.

Volunteer Management

Volunteer management made easy

Stratly streamlines the entire process of managing volunteers, from recruitment and analysis to performing necessary tasks and thanking them for their effort, making sure volunteers never feel unappreciated or ineffective.

Streamline the recruitment process

Organizations with volunteers can keep track of a lot of data including profile, resume, qualifications, demographics, occupations, and availability.

POS Giving Made Easy

Nonprofit fundraising on the go

Allow donors to give any amount, any time, in any place. Collect donations on the go with Clover Flex. Every transaction seamlessly syncs with your Stratly Donor CRM account, making donor data entry obsolete.

Tap. Swipe. Sign.

POS giving remove the barriers to giving and connect people to your organization in a matter of seconds. A portable, powerful donation device that fits in the palm of your hand. Accept chip, contactless on all major credit/debit cards, and mobile wallets like Apple Pay® as well as Google Pay®. You can then instantly send out email confirmations, SMS tax receipts and print receipts with the built-in printer.

Real Time Data Transfer

All transactions completed on the Clover Flex device are seamlessly recorded in real time into the Donor CRM. All donations can then be managed regardless of payment type for respective campaigns.

Simple Fundraising Analytics for Nonprofits

Enhance your fundraising with effortless, easy & free to use analytics

With a 360-degree view, you’ll build meaningful, data-driven strategies and tactics based on how your donors behave philanthropically. It’s a robust analysis designed to help you make the most fruitful revenue choices, assess your staffing structure, and see every opportunity.

Website Builder

Design a beautiful and engaging website with no tech skills needed

From flexible website layouts to mobile-friendly design, our platform gives you everything you need to create a beautiful website, manage your donor and donations.

Inspire engagement through a powerful mobile responsive website.

Through mobile-optimized design, modern branding, and giving options made easy, our pages are designed to move donors through the donation and or purchase process quickly and easily, so you’ll raise more.

Easy to Use, All-in-One Platform

One platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale, donation features you need to start, run, and grow your non-profit


Website themes & templates

Inspire, design and build your own high-quality websites Whether you’re promoting your non-profits, gift shop, political campaign or blog.


Donation and Payment Processing

Collect payments from products, services and donations. Add and track recurring donations to any website. Accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express and EFT/ACH


Integrated database

Get your supports, donors, visitors and their interactions seamlessly recorded in real time into the database.


Fundraising Automation

Inspire, design and build your own high-quality websites Connect your fundraising campaigns, donation forms, tickets/events track performance, manage supporters, edit recurring gifts and more.


Marketing & Automation

Effortlessly capture leads, emails, build customer relationships and accept payments right from your website

Secure and Stable

Secure and Stable

We maintain a safe environment for donor data with Level 1 PCI compliance and SSL Security, built on Amazon Web and Microsoft Azure Services.

Solutions designed to help nonprofits grow & outperform industry standards.


Online Revenue Growth

Stratly organization grow online donation revenue 3x faster.


Recurring revenue growth

Stratly organization grow recurring revenue 52% annually.


Raised by P2P fundraisers.

P2P fundraisers on Stratly raise 2x more


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