Non Profit Trends In 2020

With another decade behind us we can start looking towards the future of Nonprofits. In this shifting landscape we can expect to see a new set of trends for the year of 2020. Staying on top of current trends shows innovation, relevancy, and initiative to your future clients and donors.

Non Profit Trends

Here are some trends we can expect to see in 2020

  1. Non Profit Networking Platforms
    • The introduction of platforms that make it increasingly easy for nonprofits to connect, interact, and build communities of providers and beneficiaries.


  1. Personalizing Every Donor Interaction
    • It is said that the main reason people stop donating is because they feel as if their donation is unimportant. This is why finding new ways to make your donors feel appreciated is crucial for recurring donations


  1. Online Fundraising
    • We have seen an upshift in Online Fundraising for the past few years and this trend will continue to grow in 2020. Whether its email marketing or online campaigns, tapping into the online market has shown to be advantageous to nonprofits of any size.


  1. Artificial Intelligence
    • We are on the cutting edge of an AI breakthrough in which change the way we contribute to our favorite charities.
      • Virtual Assistants, donations made through Siri or Alexa


  1. Donations Via Text
    • Allowing donors to give via text will be an important growing trend for many reasons
    • Simplicity and efficiency are key in the donation process and streamlining these processes is an indirect way of fundraising.
    • Being able to donate in 30 seconds or less


  1. Mission Focused
    • The Non Profit sector is forever in competition with the attention spans of the public. Being able to communicate your mission clearly, in a short video, a few sentences, or an image will be an effective way to grab the short attention spans of online users.


Following these trends is a way of showcasing your nonprofit is on the cutting edge of industry standards. This level of attentiveness ensures you are following the best nonprofit practices, whether in terms of operations, CRM, or fundraising.

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